What Are the Louisiana Student Standards?

The Louisiana Student Standards are a set of high-quality academic standards in English language arts and mathematics that outline what a student should know and be able to do at the end of each grade, kindergarten through high school graduation. These standards build upon each other, like stairs — each standard acting as a foundation for the next grade level’s standard. Students who learn the knowledge and skills defined by the standards, year after year, are ready to Geaux Higher and will be on track to graduate from high school on time and ready to enter college or the workforce.

The Louisiana Student Standards define what students need to know but not how students learn or how teachers teach. They do not require a specific curriculum, rather teachers are able to use the standards to develop lesson plans, assignments and assessments that help their students master the knowledge and skills developed by the standards. Local teachers, schools and districts continue to choose the best curriculum and textbooks for their students.

The standards require more critical thinking and in-depth knowledge. The English language arts standards encourage reading more informational texts and literature while the Mathematics standards focus on a more narrow range of topics in each grade level, allowing teachers and students the ability to work deeply on both procedural fluency and conceptual understanding.

How Are the Louisiana Student Standards Being Implemented?

The Louisiana Student Standards are created at the state level by Louisiana educators and content experts. These local educators and content experts receive feedback and comments from teachers, parents and other concerned citizens in the development of the standards students need for future success.

Beginning in 2015 and culminating in March 2016, the Louisiana Student Standards will be reviewed by committees consisting of 101 educators and content experts nominated by local school districts and state education associations, representing 43 of the 70 local school districts. At least half of the members of the Standards Review Committee and 75% of each content subcommittee are current Louisiana district or school-based educators. The total committee composition includes:

  • 57 school-based educators
  • 24 school system leaders
  • 5 representatives from institutions of higher education
  • 15 education and parental advocates

The members appointed to each of the committees can be found HERE.

During the first part of the review process, parents, teachers and other concerned citizens can review the existing standards online and submit comments through the Louisiana Standards Review Portal. All comments and feedback submitted will be made available to the educators and experts on the review committees. Within the review portal, for each standard, a commenter will have the ability to:

  • Agree with the standard as written
  • Suggest a different grade level for the standard
  • Suggest the standard be broken up into several, more specific standards
  • Suggest the standard be rewritten
  • Suggest the standard be deleted entirely.

The second part of the review process entails a professional review by Louisiana educators, content experts, postsecondary representatives and other education advocates from Louisiana. By allowing the standards to be reviewed by Louisiana experts, the standards will reflect the knowledge and skills our students must learn to be successful after graduation. The professional review will occur at multiple public meetings around the state. Each meeting will provide an opportunity for public comment, or the submission of written comments, before any votes are taken.

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